Real estate investment & development


To increase investor’s funds by investment into one of the most conservative and secure markets, in building or real estate renovation in Prague.

How it’s made?

  1. We get approval from the investor regarding the objective, amount and scheme of financing;
  2. We register a Czech resident company;
  3. On the basis of investor’s preferences, we search and select best constructible surfaces or objects for investment;
  4. After negotiations with the land or real estate unit owner, we execute a transaction at the best price;
  5. We develop a future building or renovation concept (pre-project working-outs, marketing analysis, design task, provisional budget);
  6. We develop and approve the project, obtain all the necessary permits for the project implementation;
  7. We select a contractor;
  8. We implement technical supervision, control for building schedule and financing;
  9. We make completion with conclusion of operating treaties and obtaining of deeds;
  10. We realize all the necessary activities for object sale or its operation.

What is a result?

Upon two and a half years expiry, an investor will obtain the ownership right to a block of flats and will have two possibilities:
- to rent apartments and get an annual rent in the amount of 5-7% per annum for invested assets;
- to sell the real estate, and obtain from 13 to 18% of annualized gain for invested assets. And start everything from the beginning together with us!

If you buy real estate in a historical part of the city, you will become a possessor of the beautiful, and probably unique asset, with profitability from 3 to 10% per annum.

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