Fiduciary contract

A fiduciary duty (from Latin fiducia — confidence) — is a legal duty to act solely in another party’s interests.

When and why is it needed?

Fiduciary contract allows to retain a high degree of confidentiality and right of property in case of trade operations financing and investments in business projects. In certain circumstances, a fiduciary contract is a tax planning and assets security tool, and allows to save some time and efforts while managing routine processes, by transferring it in charge of professionals.

What is the result?

  • It is a possibility to finance a person or entity on a confidential basis;
  • Running of trading and commercial operations, with retaining of the confidential information about the beneficiary party;
  • Sometimes it is the best assets protection level compared with the direct investment;
  • During the fiduciary contracts conduct our company acts as a professional manager, who is able to attract new resources on behalf of the client;
  • Professional planning and trading;
  • Absolute client-side control over the fiduciary contract, both during the consummation of a deal, and in time of its realization;
  • Tax expenses optimization;
  • An effective way of assets funding for a group of companies, rollover and lending for particular companies from the group, and debt restructuring.

Fiduciary contract arrangement requirements:

A deal is conducted upon availability of evidences of transferable finances or assets lawful origin.

  • For Investors