The analysis, legal assessment and optimization of existing business schemes

When and why is it needed?

Changes in legislation, competitors’ actions and external negative factors make us to change the usual business scheme so, as we think it meets the requirements of time. Later on such accumulated changes dramatically modify the primary business model and as a rule create new uncontrolled and unreasonable threats to business and property.

It is necessary to have a side view on the company, its relations with partners, contactors and state as it may help to reveal ineffective, illegal and risky business schemes and to rearrange the company’s activity in proper time.

It is also advised to carry out such analysis from time to time or in time of substantial changes in company’s activity.

This service is particularly effective and necessary for companies involved in international trade, or transnational business or for group of companies registered in different countries. The collision of legal norms of different countries may lead to problems even in cases when the business activity is considered to be legal by the law of one state.

How it’s made?

The work is carried in cooperation with legal departments of companies.

As such departments are involved in highly specialized processes they cannot have a side view on business.

The analysis is carried out on documentary basis and by questioning the employees and specialists that allows to reveal undocumentary business-processes, which may mostly threaten the business.

The extent of the analysis is determined by business owners.

What is the result?

  • Unified profile of all the business schemes and their connections that creates a side view on company’s activity.
  • The diagram of risks and extent of their effect on business.
  • The assessment of company’s activity in compliance with legal requirements of all countries, where the company carries business.
  • Suggestions and optimization plan of existing business schemes.
  • Assistance in implementing of optimization plan within the normal course of activity.

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