About us

Taurus group as a project was launched a few years ago by several audit and law firms. By now the project has evolved in international chain of independent companies and consultants specialized in international taxation, restructuring of international corporations, due diligence, evaluation of property and business, risk management, advising on investments in estates. The peculiarity of our firm is that we sometimes do not personally make the work. And the lazy mood of our staff is not a reason. We select the most appropriate and competent advisers in spheres needed to improve the quality of performance of each particular task. We see that such attitude to project management provides following pleasant bonuses:

  • Quality
    We select the professionals of our partners to perform the work. However, we personally monitor the performance and bear responsibility for the results.
  • Expertise
    We choose the most appropriate adviser for each project’s task taking into account territorial and legal aspects of the case and relevant experience.
  • Strict privacy
    Taurus does not maintain offices and does not keep archives of documents. All the work is performed by the foreign consultants who mostly are not situated in the country of your business.
  • Efficiency
    Our representatives can visit you in any country to discuss the project details. Internet communications help us to organize the efficient work with our partners and shorten the time of project performance.

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